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African Fly Tiers Fishing Flies

African Fly Tiers is a bulk supplier (wholesale) of best quality hand tied artificial fishing flies, lures and bass poppers. With patterns ranging from bass poppers, wet flies, dry flies, streamers, salmon to woolly buggers and more, our goal is to make Finham your one stop shop for all flies. We are adding more products every day so keep checking. Additionally, we can do many custom flies or customizations for existing patterns to suit specific needs.

We are currently supplying all countries of the world that are not under a trade embargo.

We know our flies are not the cheapest you can find online but we do not compete on price. Our value is not only on the quality of flies we sell but the after sales customer care that we provide. Our flies speak for themselves. We never compromise on quality and consistency!  We use top quality materials sourced internationally. 

We offer a 90 day peace of mind return policy for our flies. In the unlikely circumstances that our flies don’t meet your expectations, we take them back with a full refund. The only question we ask is, “what could we have done better to improve the fly?” We always take feedback positively and incorporate in our tying to make better products. 

We comply with all international legal requirements and provide necessary export and import documentation including CITES where required.

We do NOT employ child labor nor engage in activities that would be considered illegal in any shape or form.

If you have any specific needs and can’t find what you are looking for, contact us.

All our products are backed by our 90 day peace-of-mind free return policy.

Thank you for shopping at African Fly Tiers.

Stimulator - Yellow/Orange discount fishing flies
Stimulator – Yellow/Orange